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What Was the Target of Israeli Bombing of Sayyida Zeinab in Damascus?

An opposition website highlighted notable movements of weapons by the Lebanese Hezbollah an hour before the bombing, according to Syria TV.

Local media uncovered the targets affected by the Israeli bombardment on Wednesday in the Sayyida Zeinab area, situated on the outskirts of the capital, Damascus.

According to sources closely associated with Iranian militias in the Sayyida Zeinab area on social media, the Israeli airstrikes focused on an area slated to become a hotel for visitors to the Sayyida Zeinab shrine.

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Contrarily, the local Sowt al-Asima website reported that the Israeli strikes aimed at a building under construction near Sayyida Zeinab, leading to complete destruction of the structure without resulting in casualties. The website added that the targeted building was utilized by Iranian militias for the transfer and storage of weapons on a temporary basis.

The website also noted that an hour before the bombing, there were notable movements and transfers of weapons by factions affiliated with the Lebanese Hezbollah in the area.

The attack on the construction in Sayyida Zeinab occurred shortly after the bombardment of air defence and early warning systems in the vicinity of Damascus. This action took place without any official comment or permission from the Syrian regime, as reported by Sowt al-Asima.

The Syrian official news agency SANA reported on Wednesday afternoon that the Syrian Arab Army’s air defences successfully thwarted an Israeli missile strike, according to a military spokesperson. The spokesperson disclosed, “At approximately 15:10, the Israeli adversary conducted an aerial assault, launching two missiles from the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, with the intent of striking certain locations near Damascus.” The spokesperson further stated that the army’s aerial forces swiftly retaliated against the aggression, managing to intercept and destroy one of the incoming missiles. The incident resulted in minimal damage, primarily limited to material losses, according to SANA.


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