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West Focused on Force More Than Chemicals: Lavrov

Lavrov accused Western countries of exploiting the Russian-U.S. agreement in order to carry out regime change
West Focused on Force More Than Chemicals: Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has described the West's attempts to politicize a draft U.N. Security Council resolution against Syria as "irresponsible and unprofessional".


Lavrov accused Western countries of being less interested in the disposal of the chemical weapons in Syria than in trying to exploit the Russian-U.S. agreement in order to carry out what Russia and China have blocked them from doing; namely adopt a resolution permitting use of force and shielding the opposition.


"They see in the U.S.-Russian deal not a chance to save the planet from significant quantities of chemical weapons in Syria, but as a chance to do what Russia and China will not allow, namely to push through a resolution involving (the threat of) force against the regime and shielding the opposition," Lavrov told Rossiya 1 TV channel in an interview on Sunday.


He stressed that work should be centered on getting rid of the chemical weapons in Syria and not on trying to seek a resolution that allows the use of force under the cover of the Russian-U.S. agreements reached in Geneva.


"Not to seize the opportunity to launch professional operations in this situation and to focus efforts on gaining a politicized draft at the Security Council is  irresponsible and unprofessional,"  Lavrov said.


He expressed wonder at the "indifferent" position American partners have taken on what he called "a unique chance to solve" the problem of chemical problem weapons in Syria, especially that the Syrian government has officially joined the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and announced its readiness for immediate implementation of its obligations, even before the end of the one-month period given by the CWC to new members.


The Russian Foreign Minister said Russian experts are currently studying the data provided by the Syrian authorities on the use of sarin gas by the opposition.


He noted the Syrian information would be an addition to what Russia and the international community and independent experts already have at hand regarding the opposition's willingness to resort to provocations to accuse the regime of using chemical weapons and consequently, to encourage foreign military intervention.


The Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, meanwhile on Sunday said that all countries should devote their efforts to stop the war in Syria and stop the support of armed terrorist groups.


In his speech on the anniversary of the Sacred Defense Week, Rouhani reiterated Iran’s position against the waging of wars, asserting that "we can't get rid of a war by igniting another."


He stressed the necessity of the Syrian opposition to engage in dialogue with the Syrian government.


He pointed out that Iran and its armed forces are a means for peace in the region.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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