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‘Warmth II’ Campaign to Provide Winter Relief for Refugees

Arab Doctors Union initiates winter relief campaign for refugees in Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, and inside Syria as experts predict record low temperatures
‘Warmth II’ Campaign to Provide Winter Relief for Refugees

With experts predicting record lows throughout the region this winter, the relief committee of the Arab Doctors Union announced on Tuesday a campaign to prepare for harsh conditions in Egypt, Palestine, and the refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan, in addition to inside Syria.

In a statement, the committee said, "The Warmth II campaign will launch under the slogan ‘a moment will make a difference,’ in an effort to provide immediate relief to reduce the deadly weather conditions that began early this year, as meteorological departments have predicted a number of countries in the region will witness record low temperatures."

Jamal Abdulsalam, the head of Union’s Relief and Development Department, said, "the emergency and relief committee has worked on the launch of the campaign for the second season in a row, to include Egypt, Palestine, and Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan, and inside Syria, in an attempt to reduce the impact on victims."

"We are working to provide hundreds of families with blankets, heating supplies, fuel for heaters, tools of safe lighting, and winter clothing for protection from the cold of winter," Abdulsalam added.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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