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US Sets Date for Training ‘Moderate Opposition’

'Meticulous process' of trainee selection will prevent terrorist infiltration into training program, claims Washington
US Sets Date for Training ‘Moderate Opposition’

The US Pentagon has announced a program to train ‘moderate opposition’ fighters in Syria will begin within four to six weeks, in a new step stressing US devotion to its policy of supporting terrorism.

Washington continues to arm and fund terrorists inside Syria, despite reports by Western officials acknowledging the absence of ‘moderates’ within the ranks of the ‘opposition’, as support has instead been diverted to extremist terrorist groups like ISIS and the Nusra Front.

Pentagon spokesman Adm. John Kirby said “there will be roughly 200 to 300 people in each course,” adding that 100 trainees had already been “screened and approved,” the AFP quoted him as saying on Friday.

“I won’t put a certain date on when the training will begin, but our assessment is that we could be ready sometime within the next four to six weeks to begin actual training,” Kirby said.

He noted the meticulous process of trainee selection was “to prevent enemy members infiltration into the training program.”

Observers claim that Kirby’s screening of members supports the idea that the US is aware of the reality of terrorist infiltration, yet Washington continues to insist on their funding and training.

A total of 400 trainers were earlier announced by the US, of whom 100 have already been deployed.

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