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Unite Support for the Interim Government and Defense: Mustafa

The opposition government defense minister calls on Arab countries to support the armed opposition
Unite Support for the Interim Government and Defense: Mustafa

The Syrian Defense Minister in the Syrian interim government, Asaad Mustafa, has called for Arab countries to unite in their support for the interim government and defense ministry.


Mustafa  emphasized the importance of "raising support from the level of the disaster we are suffering from,” he said in an interview with Al-Hayat following talks with the Qatari State Minister for Defense major-general Hamad Bin Ali al-Atieh about cooperation between the two parties


“We are facing a criminal regime who has allies helping it in its crimes and providing it with money, arms and men under a political support from a great nation in the security council, Russia,” he said.


“The Syrian people have been defending themselves against the regime for two years. We in the interim government seek to support the resistance of Syrian people and respond to their needs to continue their revolution until liberating Syria from this criminal regime and to build the democratic state that includes all people.”


Regarding the recent announcement that the U.S. and the U.K. will suspend their support to the Fee Syrian Army, because of the domination of extremist groups, Mustafa said: "They should support the people first, when they do so, there will be no place for Al-Qaeda or for any extremist groups. The delay in support, or never supporting the Syrian people, gave the extremist groups an opportunity.”


“Syrian people don’t accept extremism and they are moderate. We are sure that we will win, but the western countries are making excuses to escape their responsibilities towards supporting the Syrian people,” he concluded.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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