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Turkey’s Rapprochement with the Regime Raises SDF Fears

A Kurdish official feared the rapprochement would be invested against the SDF's Autonomous Administration, according to Baladi News.
Turkey’s Rapprochement with the Regime Raises SDF Fears

On Saturday, Riad Darar, co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), the political arm of the SDF, commented on the news that the head of Turkish intelligence visited Damascus and met with the director of the National Security Bureau of the regime Ali Mamlouk, in preparation for higher-level sessions. He said these visits come against the background of a series of meetings between Erdogan and Vladimir Putin. 

Darar feared the rapprochement would be invested against the SDF’s Autonomous Administration, saying, “The region may face more pressure.” 

He pointed out that the regions of northern and eastern Syria continue to build their capacities, pending the ongoing transformations on the Syrian scene, and that they correspond to any step that moves Syria towards a political solution. 

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Darar added that the regime government is waiting for practical and public steps in the meetings with Turkey. He noted that “the meetings between the Syrian and Turkish parties are taking place.” 

He pointed out that the ongoing meetings may discuss the role of the Syrian opposition in the future and give it some ministerial or administrative positions, which is part of the dialogue of the intelligence services currently taking place.   

He considered that the issue of normalizing relations between the regime government and Turkey would be prolonged and needs a lot of time and dialogues, but there is a strong desire from all parties to reach an understanding.


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