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Terrorists Target Syrians Indiscriminately: Zoubi

Information Minister warns against publishing unverified information
Terrorists Target Syrians Indiscriminately: Zoubi

Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said that "terrorist crimes" recently committed in Adra did not simply target a specific group of Syrians as some have suggested, but all Syrians.


Zoubi said that those promoting the idea that the attack taregted a specific group are promoting an idea the terrorists hope to realize.


In an interview with Syrian TV on Saturday, Zoubi said that stories, details and information about this massacre circulated on social networking sites, were only rumour, adding that it was impossible for media to enter the area. He warned against the broadcast of any unverified information.


"75% of terrorists in Syria aren't of Syrian nationality," Zoubi said.


He said while some Syrians sometimes want to turn in their weapons, the "non-Syrian terrorists threaten to kill them if they do so," adding that despite that risk, he urged armed Syrians to "turn themselves in to the army or security checkpoint and return to their normal lives."


Saudi Arabia, Zoubi said, tries to appear as different fromt the U.S. in its position, "while in fact the U.S. is giving it leeway, because it wants to inflict as much destruction on the Syrian state as possible," adding that any U.S.-Saudi disagreement is "preposterous".


He said while the U.S. does not want Al-Qaeda to control Syria, it wants Syria to be weak and incapable of confronting Israel, adding that the task of weakening Syria has been simply delegated to Saudi Arabia and other Arab Gulf countries like Kuwait, where MPs fund terrorists in Syria with billions of dollars.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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