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Talks of Syria’s AANES-Opposition Rapprochement Evokes Different Views

There are indications about the probability of starting a dialogue between the SNC and AANES, according to North Press.
Talks of Syria’s AANES-Opposition Rapprochement Evokes Different Views

Talks about potential rapprochement between the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) and the Syrian Opposition National Coalition (SOC) evoked different opinions.
Some supported the idea as it channels into the interest of Syria, while concerned parties had different opinions.
Jihan Samman, an Aleppo-based civil activist, told North Press that there are many indications about the probability of starting a dialogue between the SNC and AANES, one of which is “the US unwillingness to allow Russia to deal alone with the Syrian issue.”
Samman noted the US seeks to “pressure the Syrian government and harass it to create a new regime in Syria and to alleviate Turkey’s concerns by creating a balance between powers in the region and to form a balanced political and administrative entity that could push everyone towards a settlement with it.”

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Saman does not deny that this step is “difficult and needs time to rebuild confidence between the two parties.”
“In case of any agreement, there will be eventually federation. The area will accommodate northeast and northwest Syria to become a safe one for Syrians that could return without security-related fears,” Samman said.
She believes such an agreement could alleviate the economic blockade witnessed by the region, which would have windows with Turkey and Iraq, and “there will be re-invention of a new unified Syria.”
Activists attributed the probability of such an agreement to what has been circulated that Turkey abandoned the SNC after it had tried to come closer to the Syrian government with the approach of presidential elections in Turkey in 2023.”
Forced marriage
Saleh Muslim, co-chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) advised the SOC to “return to the right direction after it has become clear that Turkey had used it to obstruct any Syrian solution and achieve its aspirations.”
In a statement to North Press, Muslim said he was not aware of any agreement between the AANES and the SOC, since the latter “is still in the lap of the Turkish state and what is being circulated by media outlets are mere expectations and analyses.”
Muslim likened any official meeting between Turkey and Syria to a “forced marriage” that does not serve the political solution sought by Syrians.


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