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Syrian Coalition Responds to Nasrallah

The Coalition believes the regime and its ally have no intention of finding a political solution
Syrian Coalition Responds to Nasrallah


Mohammad Khair Al-Wazir, a member of the political committee of the Syrian National Coalition, has descrobed Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah's remarks regarding the situation in Syria as “illogical"  as he considers that any solution cannot be achieved through Geneva, and begins and ends with the presence of Bashar Assad.


Wazir stressed that the survival of the Assad regime is closely linked to the support it receives from Iran.


“In fact, Hezbollah is the mouthpiece for the Iranian regime, and the remarks made by its head, Nasrallah, suggest that the Assad regime and his allies are walking out on all the international efforts aimed at resolving the Syrian crisis."


The political commission discussed setting up integrated programs to communicate with all Syrian cities through the offices of the Syrian Coalition inside Syria, in addition to to preparing a meeting between representatives of the Syrian union with some members of the political committee.


Moreover, the committee discussed the situation of Syrian refugees in Egypt and the possible ways to resolve the problems that they are facing, there, especially college and graduate students. Among the topics discussed were a re-activation of the special committee to communicate with the Syrian Turkman Council, the formation of a committee to develop a strategic plan for the Coalition for the next six months and reaching out to parliaments and Syrian communities to review the activists and  representatives of the Coalition abroad. 


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