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Syrian President Highlights Importance of Russian Military Inside Syria

In an interview with Russian TV, Assad has said that Russia’s military plays an important role in the country and keeping a balance regionally writes Al-Masdar.
Syrian President Highlights Importance of Russian Military Inside Syria

President Bashar al-Assad, sat down for an interview with the Russian Zevzda TV channel on Friday to discuss a number of topics, including the Russian military’s presence in Syria.

During the interview, the Syrian president stressed the importance of the Russian military bases in his country, pointing out that their importance lies in ensuring security and stability in Syria and combating global terrorism.

“In Syria today we are dealing with international terrorism and Russia is helping us to achieve security and stability, but after the elimination of terrorism there is another role that Russia will play at the international level by urging the international community and different countries to implement international law.”

He pointed out that, “there is an imbalance between the powers in the current system of international relations, and Russia must restore this lost balance.”

The Syrian president noted that the Russian military presence plays a large and important role, not only in Syria, but in the whole world.

“The Russian presence is to ensure security and make the world order more just and balanced. Of course, if the West abandons its aggressive policy of using its military power to create problems in the world, Russia may not need such a policy, but the world today needs to balance,” the Syrian President said.

September marked the fifth anniversary of Russia’s military’s intervention in the Syrian conflict. Since their entry into the war, the Russian military has helped the Syrian Arab Army defeat the Islamic State and retake several parts of the country.


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