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Syria Rebel PM Ghassan Hitto resigns

Hitto's resignation follows appointment of Saudi ally to chairmanship of the Coalition
Syria Rebel PM Ghassan Hitto resigns

Syria's opposition Prime Minister Ghassan Hitto announced his resignation on Monday, nearly four months after his appointment, having failed to form a government, AFP reported Monday.


"I announce I will not continue in my capacity as prime minister tasked with leading the interim government, though I emphasize I will continue working for the interests of the revolution and towards achieving its objectives," Hitto said in an online statement.


His resignation came after a meeting of the Syrian National Coalition in Istanbul earlier this week that saw Ahmad Jarba chosen as Chairman.


Jarba is reportedly an ally of Saudi Arabia.


Last week Hitto gave an interview to Zaman al-Wasl electronic newspaper. In his interview he said that his government “is now fully to go inside Syria and start work. Honestly, it has been ready since last April.”


He blamed some parties in the Coalition of refusing to commission Ghassan Hitto to head the government, adding, “I ask those who refuse the transitional government: what is the alternative? This is the question.”


He refused to discuss the role of Saudi and its “direct interference in decision making” but preferred to talk about “the independence in Syrian decision making. Syrians have to be independent, they shouldn’t accept external orders.”



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