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Syria Demands UN Action Against Terrorists and Their Sponsors

Foreign Ministry calls for the enforcement of counterterrorism resolutions against terrorists and backing states after attack rocked Aleppo's city
Syria Demands UN Action Against Terrorists and Their Sponsors

Syria has demanded the UN adopt deterrent measures against terrorist organizations and the states that back them.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry requested the measures in two identical letters addressed to the Chairman of the UN Security Council and UN Secretary General on Sunday.

The call was prompted by a string of bloody terrorist rocket attacks which hit Aleppo’s city yesterday, leaving at least 19 civilians dead and scores of others wounded while causing massive material damage to property.

The attacks, supported by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Jordan, were in response to the “important” outcomes reached at the recent Moscow Syrian-Syrian talks, the letters said.

In their “clear message” delivered by the so-called “moderate opposition”, these regimes have sought to foil any Syrian political solution that could be reached without foreign interference, the letters added.

The Foreign Ministry dismissed claims of “non-lethal” weapons being supplied to terrorists, stressing that a new type of destructive weapons appears to have been used in the Aleppo attack.

According to the letters, several four-story buildings were completely demolished with residents still inside.

The ministry blamed the continuation direct support to the terrorist organizations, including the ISIS and the Nusra Front, in addition to the Free Army, Islam Army, Islamic Front, Liwa al-Fateh, Ahrar al-Sham Movement, Al-Ansar Front, amongst others.

The Foreign Ministry claimed terrorist groups would not have been capable of launching such bloody attacks was it not for the protection offered by these countries against punishment.

The ministry named France, Britain, Jordan and the US as accomplices in backing the terrorists.

The letters also demanded non-politicized Security Council action towards enforcing counterterrorism resolutions through deeds, not only in words.

The Security Council, the letters said, is also called upon to cooperate and coordinate with the Syrian government, which “has been combating terrorism for years on behalf of the entire world’s people”.

The ministry said the Syria government is determined to continue fighting terrorism in Syria and defend its people by virtue of its constitutional responsibilities.

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