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Syria Complains to U.N. Over Hama Crimes

Letters say terrorists sneaked into Khattab village and cold-bloodedly slaughtered 14 innocent people, including women and children
Syria Complains to U.N. Over Hama Crimes

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry addressed two identical letters to the U.N. Secretary General and Security Council Chairman about a horrifying massacre by armed terrorist groups committed Thursday against civilians in the northern countryside of Hama.


An appalling act of criminality was unleashed by terrorists who sneaked into Khattab village and cold-bloodedly slaughtered 14 innocent people, including women and children, and mutilated their bodies.


“Pursuant to our previous letters on the terrorist war waged against it, Syria has awakened on 9 July, 2014 to a fresh wave of systemized terrorism from which not even children in their safe homes escaped unscathed,” the letters lamented.


All the victims, including seven women and a child, were slain with their bodies grotesquely mutilated, in addition to decapitation cases, the letters added.


The letters indicated that the Justice Minister had ordered a special judicial tribunal be set up to conduct a probe into the circumstances of the massacre which offers “yet more proof of the atrocities of extremist takfiri terrorism that proves once again its chilling disregard for human values.”


“It is terrorism that has targeted, with the full brazen backing of Western and Arab capitals, the state institutions, infrastructure, and hospitals,” the ministry stated.


“As it seeks to keep the U.N. Secretary General and Chairman of the U.N. Security Council abreast of the details of this new crime, the Syrian government anticipates a clear condemnation to be issued by the Council, coupled with serious measures against the countries supporting terrorism, among them permanent Council members and a group of other countries, namely Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar,” added the ministry.


The ministry exhorted the U.N. Security Council to display a serious willingness to clamp down on terrorism by enforcing “real and tangible measures to stop a recruitment, armament and dispatching of terrorists to Syria” which, the ministry said, “is plain enough for the entire international community to see.


The ministry said it is high time the U.N. moved immediately to stop support that some U.N. member states are supplying terrorists with, adding that terrorism poses a threat that “will not remained confined to Syria, but is sure to affect the entire world.”


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer
In conclusion, the ministry urged the UN to take a firm line against the ruling regimes in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar to compel them to renounce instigating terrorism, citing the UNSC relevant resolutions 1267, 1373, 1624, 1989 in this regard.


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