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Syria Calls For Humane Treatment for the Displaced

Hamawi reminded the UNHCR of Syria's track record for hosting refugees in the past
Syria Calls For Humane Treatment for the Displaced

Syria has called on international organizations and countries hosting displaced Syrians to deal with them in a humane manner, in accordance to international law.


Syria has also called on an end to media hype to exploit refugees' pain and suffering in order to attract donations.


The call was made during a speech by Syria's permanent representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Faisal al-Hamawi to the ministerial meeting of countries neighboring Syria, held by the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on Monday.


Hamawi stressed the need to not deal with the crisis in Syria solely from a humanitarian perspective, but to also take the political aspect of the crisis into account.


He said resolving the crisis requires honest efforts from everyone, primarily to stop foreign interference, cease weapons and armed mercenaries from smuggling into Syria, and to help launch constructive political dialogue among Syrians, in addition to the immediate lifting of unlawful sanctions.


Hamawi pointed out that Syria has always been a safe haven for the displaced and refugees, ranking third in the world for the hosting of refugees and was known for treating them in a humane manner. He noted that Syria has never placed refugees in camps, nor did it complain or beg despite having limited resources.



Hamwi said regrettable events in Syria had forced many people to flee the crimes of mercenaries and jihadists, and that some were displaced as a result of economic hardships and lack of food, health and education as a result of unjust sanctions imposed by some countries and organizations.


He said those conditions had also stalled many projects and local industrial activity, causing unemployment, leading to more displacement.


Responding to grievances and complaints expressed by Syrian refugees outside Syria, Hamawi said the Syrian government has urged all Syrian refugees to return homs and that makeshift residential centers had been established for this purpose pending their return to their homes.


Hamawi also drew attention to measures undertaken by the Syrian government to facilitate the return of the refugees, including the rehabilitation and restoration of infrastructure and public facilities as well as interest-free easy loans to rebuild destroyed houses. He also said compensation was available for losses incurred during the conflict.


Hamawi reminded the meeting of the government's decision to put aside 150 million SP to repair damage wrought to Syrian houses, schools and other facilities.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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