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Syria Calls for UN Action on Terrorism Backers

Syria urges UN to bring terrorism backers to account in wake of recent Damascus bus bombing
Syria Calls for UN Action on Terrorism Backers

The Syrian government has said that acts of terrorism will not deter the country from conducting local reconciliations, while also exerting efforts to find a political solution to the crisis.


The statement came in two identical letters addressed to Head of the United Nations Security Council and the UN Secretary-General concerning Sunday’s terrorist bombing that targeted a civilian bus in Damascus.


The explosion ripped through a passenger bus, targeting civilians during rush hour in the al-Kallaseh area, which is adjacent to the bustling al-Hamidieh marketplace. Six civilians were killed and 24 others were injured according to initial reports.


The ministry said the attack follows a grim pattern of terrorist acts with rocket shells, mortars, and explosive devices that has been going on for over four years, citing in particular the city of Aleppo that has borne the brunt of terrorist attacks against its civilians, neighborhoods, and heritage.


Repeated terrorist attacks against innocent civilians and places of worship indicate the true nature of these organizations, which is antithetical to human values and civilization, said the Ministry.


“The attack targeted one of the oldest markets in Damascus, and is to be added to a series of crimes, among them the indiscriminate bombardment of Aleppo city and the beheading of two Japanese citizens by ISIS,’’ added the letters.


The ministry cited a slew of repulsive crimes that foreign-backed terrorists have committed, not least of which are decapitations and eating human flesh, which is done by organizations such as ISIS, the Nusra Front, the Free Army, and Islam Army.


Reiterating condemnation of these crimes in the strongest terms, the ministry renewed its calls for the UN Security Council and UN Secretary-General to bring the perpetrators and their backers to account.

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