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Syria: We Will Confront the Turkish Aggression With All Methods

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry have said that the Turkish aggression in northern Syria is unacceptable and will be prevented with all legal methods and means reports SANA.
Syria: We Will Confront the Turkish Aggression With All Methods

Syria said that the statements by the Turkish President, where he claims to care about protecting the Syrian people and their lives, can only come from someone who is disassociated from reality, asserting that it will confront Turkish aggression with all legal methods and means. 

An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry told SANA that after providing continuous support for terrorists in Syria, Erdogan came up with statements that can only be produced by a person who is disassociated with reality, as he talks about his commitments to the protection of the Syrian people, while his own hands are covered in the blood of Syrians killed by the terrorists he and his regime sponsor. 

The source said that Erdogan talks about his fear for the Syrian people, protecting them and preserving their lives, all while he is attacking civilians in the Syrian north under the pretext of fighting terrorism, asserting that Erdogan’s regime hides behind humanitarian slogans, while being far removed from them and is responsible for committing massacres.

The source went on to assert that Syria will confront Turkish aggression in all its forms across the country using all legal methods and means, stressing that the fight against terrorism in Syria will not be stopped by the statements of Erdogan and his ilk, and that the task of protecting the Syrian people is the duty of the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian state, and no one else.


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