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Syria: US Claims About Syria’s Humanitarian Situation is Hypocrisy

Syria described statements by the US' permanent representative to the UN as "hypocrisy" as the US continues to impose sanctions on Syria, according to SANA.
Syria: US Claims About Syria’s Humanitarian Situation is Hypocrisy

Syria has reiterated its rejection of the attempts to extend the Cross-Border Assistance Mechanism, stressing that it represents a violation of international law and the sanctity of Syrian borders and territories, calling it political and humanitarian blackmail.

In a press statement, Syria’s permanent delegation to the United Nations deplored the hostile statements made by the US Permanent Representative to the United Nations over the past days, asserting that they are “part of an open propaganda campaign led by the US and its Western allies to renew the mandate of the Cross-Border Assistance Mechanism.”

The statement said, “The American ambassador claims to be concerned about the humanitarian situation of the Syrian people, and that her country provides them with aid. This is open political hypocrisy, that is inconsistent with the unilateral coercive inhumane measures imposed by her administration on the Syrian people.”

The statement asserted that the contents of these statements “aim to divert attention from the fact that the mechanism violates the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Syria”.

Syria’s permanent delegation to the United Nations concluded its statement by emphasizing Syria’s commitment to cooperate with national and international partners to improve the humanitarian situation of Syrians across the Syrian Arab Republic. It stressed however that the center of humanitarian action is the capital, Damascus, and not anywhere else.

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