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Syria Reiterates Demand to End U.S. Forces Illegitimate Presence on Syrian Soil

Syria estimates that the U.S. inflicted 25.9 to it in direct damages, according to SANA.
Syria Reiterates Demand to End U.S. Forces Illegitimate Presence on Syrian Soil

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry affirmed that the U.S. occupation forces and their affiliated militias continue their systematic looting of Syrian oil, wheat and other national and vital main resources.

“The latest statistics expose that the direct losses total value from the assaults committed by the U.S. forces, militias and affiliated terrorist entities on Syrian territory has amounted to 25.9 billion US dollars. 19.8 billion US dollars of looting oil, gas and mineral resources, and 3.3 billion US dollars resulting from vandalizing and ransacking of facilities. 2.9 billion US dollars the value of damages caused to the oil and gas installations by the so-called “international coalition” bombing of these installations, the Ministry said on Wednesday.

“the indirect losses exceed 86 billion US dollars, which represents the value of lost production (crude oil, natural gas, domestic gas, oil derivatives, mineral resources) as a result of lower production than planned rates in normal working conditions, and therefore the total value of the Syrian oil sector losses has recorded 111.9 billion US dollars” the ministry added.

“UN Special Rapporteur on the negative impact of unilateral coercive measures on the enjoyment of human rights, Alena Douhan, affirmed at the end of her visit to Syria last month that the coercive measures imposed on Syria amount to war crimes, increase the suffering of the Syrian people, and preclude any efforts for early recovery and reconstruction, stressing that it must be lifted immediately” the ministry stated adding “ So what would be the case when these measures are accompanied by the systematic looting of Syrian wealth by the US occupation forces”.

The ministry said that Syria re-demand the UN to adopt urgent steps to cease the violation of international law by the US and its allies and ensure compensation for these violations, ending the illegitimate presence of US forces, returning the oil and gas fields occupied by those forces to the Syrian state, and the immediate and unconditional lifting of the unfair coercive measures to improve the humanitarian situation and provide appropriate conditions for the voluntary, safe and dignified return of the displaced and refugees to their homeland.


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