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Syria: Electricity Ministry Considers Opening Investments to Private Sector

Syria might call the private sector to the rescue following acute power cuts, according to Hashtag Syria.
Syria: Electricity Ministry Considers Opening Investments to Private Sector
Syria: Electricity Ministry Considers Opening Investments to Private Sector

In order to sell electricity to industry, the Ministry of Electricity in Syria is moving towards private sector participation in constructing private and independently-run power plants. The memorandum issued by the Ministry of Electricity, which was published in the local newspaper al-Watan, responds to the high demand for electricity in various fields, including both households and the industrial sector.

According to the memorandum, private investors are invited to build independently run, private power plants, which will allow the Ministry of Electricity to provide domestic and other service sectors with electricity. The ministry can also require industries to meet part of their electricity needs from renewable energy sources.

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The ministry added in its memorandum that it is not the most effective solution to build government-funded power plants through concessional loans or financial payment facilities. This approach would struggle to meet the demand for electricity and reduce dependence on fuel oil and natural gas to generate electricity, due to direct subsidy for electricity.

The memorandum shows that the best solution for harnessing renewable energy is to invest directly on the demand side. This approach could comprise the installation of solar water heaters, PV tweezers, and some small photovoltaic panels on the roofs of industrial plants. These and other renewable energy installations could meet about 25% of the electricity demand for these facilities. all that is required is to oblige industrialists to abide, as happened in a number of countries in the world, where it is proposed to finance renewable energy projects from the interest rate support program by providing the necessary loans for them.


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