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Syria: 11-year-old Child Among Three Killed in Attacks, Fighting in Daraa

Fighters belonging to ISIS continue to carry out attacks in Daraa, according to al-Araby al-Jadeed.
Syria: 11-year-old Child Among Three Killed in Attacks, Fighting in Daraa

An 11-year-old child was among three people killed in fighting in Syria’s southern province of Daraa.

The boy’s death came as local groups previously part of the opposition’s Free Syrian Army, as well as the Assad regime’s Eighth Brigade forces fought against Islamic State (ISIS) group cells.

Hussam Saleh Mohammed died on Tuesday after being shot “indiscriminately” in a Palestinian refugee camp in Daraa city, said Assem Al-Zoubi, head of the violations documentation office at the Horan Free League media group.

While ISIS has long been territorially defeated in Syria and neighbouring Iraq, fighters belonging to the extremist group continue to carry out attacks.

The other two deaths were allegedly linked to drugs.

Activist Mohammed Al-Hourani said there had been a fatal shooting of a young man accused of involvement in drug trafficking in the town of Maaraba, east of Daraa city.

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Another young man, also allegedly involved in the drug trade, was killed on a road.

No party has taken responsibility for the men’s killings.

Since summer 2018, dozens of similar attacks have taken place in Daraa, also without anyone claiming them.

The attacks have led to many deaths and injuries, including of civilians, former members and leaders of opposition factions, and members and officials of the Syrian regime.

The Horan Free League said its violations documentation office last month recorded 82 killings in Daraa province.

There were 25 ISIS members killed, including five leaders, as a result of fighting with local groups in the city of Jasim, plus others affiliated with the Eighth Brigade.

The violations documentation office documented 38 deaths and nine injuries stemming from 42 assassination attempts.


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