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Statement from Syrian National Forces and Public Figures

A group of Syrian activists and civil society figures called on Turkey to abandon its planned invasion and engage in dialogue.
Statement from Syrian National Forces and Public Figures

In order to stop the threats of war and violence in northern Syria:

Our country, Syria, has suffered multiple blows in the last decade, bringing us to the disastrous status quo: at least one million citizens were killed and disabled, hundreds of thousands of detainees, missing persons, and the displacement of half of the population, turning the country into a fragile, failed and divided state within several areas of control, and a state of divisions on all levels.

At these moments, our country is exposed to an immediate threat that could eliminate it and make it difficult or possibly be an impossible dream to bring it back together, if the Turkish government carries out its threats and launches its military operation or its fifth war in the north to complete what it calls the “safe zone” along the borderline and 30KM deep which includes all Syrian border cities and towns in that region.

There is a good understanding of the Turkish concern over its “National Security” from the Turkish government’s friends and rivals within Syria and Turkey. This concern can be met through dialogue and negotiation in order to mitigate the apprehensions and provide guarantees to all parties. We do not approach war calls and resolving the issue through violence as it would only exacerbate the situation and create a hostile status considered unwanted by all Syrian components.

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There are those among Syrian refugees who positively perceive Turkey’s government and people’s welcoming approach since they fled from an authoritarian regime’s massacres and absolute violence. Some remain in north Syria: Arabs, Kurds, Assyrians, and Turkmen.

The implementation of the announced plan for returning hundreds of thousands of refugees and their resettlement along the borderline in swiftly-built housing blocs will not have the effect the Turkish government is aiming for, as it deepens the social contradictions in the northern borderline areas of Syria and repeats the demographic change attempts which became history. Therefore, similar attempts would see no success as they caused disasters the world still suffers from its consequences.  

We call for peace and seek dialogue, understanding, and compliance with international agreements such as international law and human rights covenants. This remains the right way to solve the Kurdish cause through Kurdish-Kurdish, Kurdish-Arab, and Kurdish-Turkish dialogues, but it also remains right to resolve the Syrian cause and might be the only viable way for a safe and civilized future.

We, the undersigned national forces and public figures, demand the Turkish government reverse the course of war and destruction. Call on the peoples of the world and free persons to echo our call, and we appeal to the United Nations, International Coalition against Terrorism and the European Union to act in every possible manner to prevent this imminent catastrophe currently confronts our country.


Sulaiman al-Kfairi          Opposition politician

Dr. John Nasta                  National Coordination Commission

Mizgin Yousif                   Head of Syrian Yazidi Council

Samira al-Masalmah      Writer

Alis Mafraj                       Feminist activist

Lina Wafa’i                          Feminist and political activist

Joumana Saif                   Lawyer

Ruwayda Kan’an           Feminist and political activist

Sabiha Khalil                  Feminist and political activist

Ratib Sha’bo                   Writer, researcher and Former Detainee

Dr’ Abdullah Turkmani Writer and researcher

Wa’el Sawah                  Syrian writer

Ahmad al-Ramah         Writer and researcher

Adnan Makiyeh                 Administration board of Center of Democratic Republic studies

Rabee’ al-Shatti                 Administration board of Center of Democratic Republic studies

Amal Mohammed         Political activist

Goman Hussain             Kurdish political activist

Sameeha Nadir            Political activist

Amarji  – Syrian Democratic Panels

Abdullah Haj Mohammed  Syrian politician

Issam Dimashqi                   Opposition politician

Bassam al-Mar’i                   Political activist

Hussain Qasim                     political activist

Ali Rahmoun                         Politician

Adil Center for human rights

Mustafa Oso                        Syrian Kurdish Independent political activist

Ph. Ibrahim Shahoud       Retired university lecturer

Mahmoud Shikhani           Artist

Sahad Abdulrahman         Artist

Burhan Nasif                           Political activist   

Hafiz Jaba’i                         Political activist   

Nasir Yousif                         Syrian economist

Mowafaq Nayrabiya         writer and opposition figure

Jom’a Abdulqader             Writer

Khalil Hussain                         Activist, Safina Net Website Editor

Bahzad Diyab                      Politician and former detainee

Habib Ibrahim                    Member of Kurdish Democratic Unity Party – Yakiti

Dr. Ghiyath Naitha           Political activist

Samir Issaq                            “Front line” Managing Editor

Mustafa A’r’our                Anti-War Syrian Movement

Revolutionary Left Movement in Syria

Faraj Bayrakdar                Syrian poet

Jabir al-Shoufi                       Opposition activist

Wassim Hassan              Political activist

Abdulman’m Farij           Political activist – Raqqa

Mohammad Ali Ibrahim Basha         Lawyer and political activist

Khuzama al-Faisal             Political activist

Adnan Hassan                     Political activist

Faisal Kurdia                           Political activist

Suha al-Qasir                       Activist

Sami Dawood                     Writer and researcher

Zayna Qanawati                Journalist and activist

Ashti Amir                          Activist – Switzerland

Bashar A’boud                   Journalist and political activist

Tariq Azizah                           Syrian writer

Adil Mahfoud                         Civil activist

Pir Rustim                           Writer

Khudur Abdulkarim        Artist and human rights activist

Loqman Ayana                  Human rights activist

Majid Aboud                      Activist

Taher Hassaf                     Member of of Kurdish Pioneer Party in Syria and member of general secretary of the Kurdish National Council

Khalil Hamsourk              artist and activist

Hasan Kamil                           Activist

Lubna Qanawati                Feminist and human rights defender

Zaradasht Mohammad    Political activist

Abdulqadir Nabulsi           Former detainee

Mowafaq al-Taroudi          Syrian

Muna al-Hindi                      Syrian Palestinian

Mazin al-Sha’rani                Activist

Durid Jabour                        Doctor

Abdulrazaq Barish            Activist

Bassam Jouhar                   Activist

Rustim Mahmoud             Syrian Writer and Researcher

Mohyadin Isso                   Writer and activist

Najim al-Din Habash        Member of leadership board of Kurdish Al-Parti Party

Salah Manla                           Professor in History

Farid Hadad                      Forcibly displaced for 32 years

Muhsin Babat                        political activist

Sardar Mulla Rashid       Journalist

Qasim al-Khatib               Syrian opposition member

Mahmoud Hasan             Syrian refugee

Muhsin Saloum                Sacked Teacher

Abdulkarim A’mi             Activist

Hasan khalifa                   Activist

Ez al-din Khalil Mohammad      Activist

Ahin Magazine (art, culture and politics)

Adil Abu Turabah           Activist

Mizgin Mahmoud           Civil activist

Samir Haydar                  Former Political Detainee

Sayl Nasif                         Activist

Ma’n Safadi                          Communist Labour Party

Sulaiman Ass’ad             Kurdish politician

Waid Nadir                      Poet and University Lecturer

Sam’an Bhida                  Poet and Artist

Sadiq Zaydo                    Independent

Hivaroun sharif              Kurdish Lawyer

Shapal Ibrahim              Member of Amnesty International

Ahmad Ahmad               Lawyer

Nasouh Talimant          Engineer, Opposition member

Nasir Jamal  Citizenship Movement – Nawat

Hasan al-Maghout          Activist

Su’ad Bulbul                    Theatre Actress

Rima Flehan                    Activist and TV Writer

Hassan Mohammad Ali  Activist

Abdullah Imam                 Lawyer

Abdulkarim Mahfoud     Activist

Haytham Jundi                 Political Activist

Hasan Khalid                   Kurdish Activist

Faisal Hasan                     Activist

Radwan Badini                University Lecturer

Bassam al-Shaikh           Human Rights and Democracy Activist

Abdo Habash                   Kurdish Politician

Jiwan Khoushid al-Yousif   Human Rights Activist

Talal Mohammad           President of Democratic Peace Party

Nidal Chouchouk            Feminist and Political Activist

Adnan Mohammad        Political Activist and Former Detainee

Mahfouth Rashid            Writer

Salah Farho                      Political Activist

Afrin Platform

Citizenship Movement

Nawat Watan

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