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SNC to Resolve Passport Renewal Dilemma

Coalition committee formed to resolve passports renewing crisis after Canada rejects proposal
SNC to Resolve Passport Renewal Dilemma

The National Coalition (SNC) has requested its Legal Division Head, Hisham Marwa, to communicate with the Canadian body that rejected a proposal sent by the Embassy of the National Coalition in Doha in regard to the renewal of expired passports by the embassy.


The National Coalition has formed a committee consisting of Hisham Marwa, Bader Jamous and Yahya Maktabi to communicate with representatives from a number of bodies in regard to the renewal of passports, including: the committee at Coalition’s Embassy in Qatar and the Embassy itself, Coalition member Nazir al-Hakim, Ambassadors of Syria’s friendly countries, and the Canadian body that rejected the renewal of passports.


According to information received by Zaman al-Wasl, the meeting’s conclusions included a proposal to communicate with the United Nations (UN) to evaluate the possibility of UN-issued passports.


Previously, President of the National Coalition Khalid Khoja confirmed to Zaman al-Wasl that the renewal of passports from the Coalition’s Embassy in Doha has been placed on hold, as the SNC continues to check the legalities of the process.

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