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Shaaban on Earth Day: Al-Quds and Golan Are Eyes of the Arab Nation

Shaaban was speaking at a inauguration of the "From Golan to al -Quds" forum
Shaaban on Earth Day: Al-Quds and Golan Are Eyes of the Arab Nation


Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban has described al-Quds and the Golan as the eyes of the Arab Nation, saying it is the duty of all to defend them and that "clinging to the land and sacrificing for it is the only choice for us."


Shaaban spoke on Sunday during the inauguration of the "From Golan to al-Quds" forum, marking the 38th anniversary of the Earth Day, which was held by Al-Quds International Foundation at the Sham Hotel in Damascus. A number of researchers and thinkers participated in the event.


She said that those who defend al-Quds and Golan from any Arab country are actually defending themselves, their Arabism, religion and future,  adding that "no-one is a favourite in that as we are all targeted, and that if we did not believe in that, they would occupy our lands piece after piece."


Shaaban pointed out that everybody sees how and why Syria is being targeted, "So we move back to the same equation which is clinging to the land, the principle and the value of sacrifice."


"All those who launch assault on Syria will be repelled. Hundreds of invaders have come to this land throughout thousands of years, but they were repelled and we have remained here because we believe in our land," Shaaban added.


The Presidential Political and Media Advisor clarified that the war waged on Syria is not of a sectarian nature, but rather it is a war launched for control of our land. She pointed out that Israel set schemes for a hundred years in advance, and the sole response is represented through adhering to the land, the principles and the value of sacrifice.


"We should comprehend the principle of the land deeply because it is a basic condition for our existence. If we take a panoramic view of the human history we could see that entire conflicts revolve on these lands," she said.


"The Palestinians were not mistaken when they considered that their presence in the land is the only right and genuine existence," Shaaban said.


She lauded the adherence of the Arabs and Syrians to the occupied Golan, recalling what the late President Hafez Assad said: "We will not give up a grain of soil of Golan."


Shaaban stressed that the Arab-Zionist conflict is the compass of all that is going on in Arab land, saying  "we will not master analysis without realizing that the Palestinian issue is the Arabs' central issue, and targeting the Palestinians is the first step for attacking all Arabs."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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