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Sectarian Tensions on Coast Stoked by U.S. Strike

Facebook pages have sprung up calling for revenge against Sunnis in the coastal region
Sectarian Tensions on Coast Stoked by U.S. Strike

Revolution supporters in the embattled areas of the Syrian coast are waiting the imminent U.S. strike with sense of fear that the consequences will be even greater for them.


Just days ago, a pro-Assad Facebook page called for the killing of all citizens opposed to Assad in the coastal cities, hinting at Sunni natives of Latakia, Jeblah and Tartous.


Many Alawite activists have condemned the revenge calls and the incitement to violence against those living in Jeblah al-Balad, who are mostly Sunni. The calls came after the confirmation of a U.S military strike attack against the Syrian regime.


Some criticized the calls for revenge on Facebook pages, saying “all people who call and incite revenge violence are known by name, address and who they work for, and they will be held responsibility for any harm done to the people of Jeblah. Moreover, all who participate in that action, either inciting, planning or executing, will be punished severely as the sect will exculpate them. Death will be the penalty."


One activist said they believed that the military strike is inevitable, and cautioned people not to double its harm by forcing others to acts of revenge against the Alawite people following the fall of the Assad regime.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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