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SDF Arrests Four of its Members, Hands Them to U.S. Intelligence

Four members of the SDF were accused of facilitating the escape of 27 ISIS members, according to Athr Press.
SDF Arrests Four of its Members, Hands Them to U.S. Intelligence

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) arrested four of its members working in Raqqa prison, handing them over to U.S. intelligence, on charges of facilitating the escape of 27 ISIS members.

Private sources told Athr Press that the prison — located near the Silo Roundabout — witnessed the escape of 27 ISIS members during the first week of February. At the time, it was impossible to find out how they fled.

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According to the sources, SDF arrested a prison official after the incident for interrogation, before returning to arrest two other non-Syrian leaders. Afterwards, they released the detainees and began investigating the suspects individually, without reaching a conclusion.

After the prison official was handed over to the CIA two weeks ago, four members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) were arrested on Thursday.

The sources confirm that the escape — which coincided with battles in the city of Hassakeh following the attack by ISIS on the industrial high school prison — led to the disappearance of leading ISIS figures. All the fugitives are believed to have left SDF-controlled areas, heading towards the Syrian Badia or Turkish territory.

SDF’s prisons have undergone major shifts in their leadership and guarding procedures, as well as processes for dealing with detained ISIS operatives.


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