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Salvation Government Gives Pay Raises, Second Time in Four Months

Idleb’s Salvation Government has given all of its staff a 20 percent pay rise, the second in four months, writes Enab Baladi.
Salvation Government Gives Pay Raises, Second Time in Four Months

The Salvation Government, which has influence in the Idleb Governorate and part of the western countryside of Aleppo, northwestern Syria, decided to raise the monthly wages and salaries of all its employees by 20 percent. This is the second increase within the span of four months.

In its Decision No. 170, issued on Wednesday, February 24, the Salvation Government said that the increase in wages is the result of the changing economic situation and the rise in prices in the region.

The decision includes increasing the salaries and wages of permanent and temporary employees, regardless of the duration of the contracts they signed with the Salvation Government.

Residents of Syria’s northwestern region suffer from difficult economic and living conditions for several reasons, most notably the lack of income, the scarcity of job opportunities, and the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Prices did not ameliorate with the improvement of the value of the Turkish lira, which is approved for commercial transactions in northern Syria, as the price of 1 dollar fell to 7.20 liras, according to the Turkish website Doviz, which monitors currency exchange rates. The exchange rate had reached more than 8 liras in the past months.

Furthermore, Watad Petroleum, an oil company in northern Syria, adjusted its fuel prices without specifying the reasons.


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