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Sabbagh, 29 Others Form Independent Bloc in Coalition

The bloc supports the government of Ghassan Hitto
Sabbagh, 29 Others Form Independent Bloc in Coalition

Thirty opposition figures from the Syrian National Coalition signed on 7 July a declaration establishing an independent decision bloc.


Among the members is the former Presidential nominee of the Coalition, Mustafa Sabbagh.


Zaman al-Wasl received a copy of the declaration before it was officially announced and published it as follows:



After several months since the formation of the Syrian National Coalition, which has faced many challenges and a heavy toll, harmony was finally reached between some members who had a similar national approach, resting on a commitment to the goals of the revolution and on independence of the national decision-making in every step and policy, for the benefit of the revolution.


The members listed here have decided to work within a unified bloc that has a similar national and independent approach.


We confirm our willingness to ally with all other blocs which share values, principles and goals with us. The door remains open for all national forces and members of the Coalition to join.


We define our work and policies on the following goals:


1. Activation of the Coalition on all horizontal and vertical levels.


2. The need to enter Syria to serve it, via the formation of the government, local councils and revolutionary movement forces.


3. Management and activation of the Free Syrian Army staff in cooperation with its representatives in the Coalition and the other representatives of the revolutionary movement.


4. A commitment to the goals of the revolution and independence of the decision-making in every step and resolution the Coalition takes.
The members are: Ahmad Abu al-Kher Shukri, Ahamd Awad, Anas Ayrout, Jalal ad-Din Khanji, Jawad Abu Hatab, Husain al-Abdullah, Khaled Khoje, Khaled Mathbout, Dawood al-Suleiman, Riyad al-Hassan, Ziad Hassan, Ziad Ghassan, Salim al-Khatib, Suleiman al-Haraki, Safwan Jandali, Abdul Ilah Fahad, Abdul Karim Bakkar, Abdul Karim Kakhia, Abdou Hussam ad-Din, Adnan Rahmoun, Faisal al-Shami, Mohamad Kher al-Wazir, Mohamad Abdul Salam al-Saied, Mohamad Kaddah, Mohamad Mulla, Mustafa Sabbagh, Mustafa Nawaf al-Ali, Najib Ghadban, Nizar al-Haraki, Nasr al-Hariri.



Zaman al-Wasl was informed that this bloc supports Ghassan Hitto as a prime minister of the transitional government.


It is expected that the Coalition will hold a meeting to choose a new prime minister for the transitional government to replace Hitto.


Zaman al-Wasl has also confirmed that 35 members in the Coalition warned of withdrawal from the Coalition if the government of Hitto was not re-elected. The most prominent nominees to substitute Hitto are Ahmad Toame and Michel Kilo.


Translated and Edited by The Syrian Observer


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