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Russia Repeats Offer to U.N. in Golan

Russia has offered to replace Austrian peacekeepers in the Glolan
Russia Repeats Offer to U.N. in Golan

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov Wednesday reiterated Moscow's willingness to send peacekeepers to the Golan as part of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF).


Bogdanov told journalists that Russia has submitted a proposal to the U.N. to send troops to join the UNDOF in the Golan if necessary.


Russian President Vladimir Putin had previously announced Russia's readiness to replace Austrian troops in the UNDOF at the U.N.'s request, following Austria's decision to withdraw its forces following repeated attacks by armed terrorist groups.


The U.N. has announced that the Austrian forces will be replaced by troops from Fiji.


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer


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