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Former French Ambassador: Syria Facing Aggression Launched by Western States

A top French official has described Western sanctions on Syria as an act of aggression, writes SANA.
Former French Ambassador: Syria Facing Aggression Launched by Western States

Former French Ambassador to Syria Michele Rimbaud has affirmed that aggressions have been launched against Syria for ten years by Western countries that have supported terrorist organizations in it, and are currently trying to compensate for the defeat of these organizations by imposing unjust economic coercive measures on the Syrian people.

In an article published by the Russian RT website, in its French version, under the title “We did not know that there is an international law,” Rimbaud noted that what Syria has witnessed over the past years is similar to the scenario that Western countries followed when they destroyed Iraq in 2003 based on a group of fabrications and allegations. However, Syria has remained steadfast in the face of this aggression with its determination and the standing of its allies by its side.

Rimbaud shed light on the suffering of the Syrian people due to the Western coercive economic measures, noting that the US rejects to admit its defeat and the victory of the Syrian state, and it prefers to move to the second stage of aggression through endless economic war.

Rimbaud noted that for years, Syria has suffered more than what people experienced during the two world wars, and more than what Iraq suffered 30 years ago, while an absolute silence and complete denial prevails among Western circles underestimating the adversity of Syrian people.


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