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Riad Dirar: U.S. Gave us a Role against ISIS and Excluded SDC From Political Solution

The co-chairman of the SDC has claimed that his organization hopes to unite with the Syrian opposition against tyranny, defending the Kurdish-Russian rapprochement, according to Nedaa Post.
Riad Dirar: U.S. Gave us a Role against ISIS and Excluded SDC From Political Solution
Riad Dirar: U.S. Gave us a Role against ISIS and Excluded SDC From Political Solution

The co-chairman of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) said that the unity of the forces of the Revolution and the Syrian opposition is a necessity and a passage to get rid of the Assadist tyranny regime, considering that this unity did not take place between forces that have their own project of self-management, and the majority of the forces of the revolution and the opposition.

We negotiate with Assad in Damascus

“Like the rest of the Syrian opposition, we are trying to get rid of the authoritarian regime and become a democratic system. This is the policy adopted by representatives of this trend since the beginning of events in Syria. We were part of the Coordination Committee for Democratic Change. This indicates that we, as part of the opposition, are seeking a peaceful change resembling the history of the opposition, and is followed by the Baath regime. I think that we were seeking change from within, so there were a lot of objections: no to sectarianism, no to external intervention, no to weapons, and the path took a different track than the one we wanted,” Dirar said.

Dirar reiterated his call for “a way of cooperation with the northern Syrian regions, in accordance with a decentralized administration. We have taken a declared political initiative based on this issue. Since Turkey is present and has an influence in northwestern Syria on the factions and the coalition, we have asked to be among the guarantors.”

Dirar believes that it is necessary to achieve this union in the liberated territories, which will be a unit against tyranny and will help build a civilized democratic project. He says that that would contribute to building the region as a start, and then creating frameworks between the coalition and its factions and between the autonomous administration and what the SDF and the SDC represent.

Dirar complained that the Americans “gave us a role through partnership in confronting ISIS, and they did not talk to us about political solution or participation.”

“The U.S. envoy constantly says you should be at the last negotiating table in the political solution, but we were surprised when Trump agreed to allow Turkey to intervene militarily. Therefore, we knew perfectly well that putting our eggs in one basket does not serve our continued survival, because survival is not just a breath of air, it is an existence. It means either we are or we are not, because the force fighting the region’s project accepts only its annihilation, whether it is the regime or the opposition forces behind which Turkey has a policy towards.”

 “We do not threaten Turkey’s national security, we want good neighborliness, and we want Turkey to be a guarantor of partnership for a real political solution in the region, accepting that we are the rightful Syrians in the region,” Dirar said. We are talking to all parties in order to create a possibility to reach a political solution, in which we are partners, and we negotiate this political solution be it Russia, the United States, or even Turkey later if it wishes to be part of this dialogue. We do not move from one side to the other and we do not hide anything, but there are political and existential interests that we manage with complete realism.”

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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