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Reservations about Participation of Terrorist Groups in Geneva II: Mekdad

Reservations about Participation of Terrorist Groups in Geneva II: Mekdad

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Faisal Mekdad said that the Syrian government has reservations on the participation of terrorist groups, which have been involved in shedding Syrian blood, at the international conference on Syria, dubbed Geneva II.


Mekdad stressed the need for Syrians to be “united against terrorism".


In an interview with al-Mayadeen TV on Saturday, Mekdad stressed the need to end Al-Qaeda crimes against Syrians and restore security and stability to the region.


He said the Syrian government will go to Geneva II without preconditions, restrictions or foreign interference, with Syrians holding talks that will eventually result in a national unity government.


Mekdad also said he hoped that there will be an actual Syrian opposition which understands the nature of the current challenges and which treats Syria as their country, instead of following Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the U.S., Britain or any other country.


He said that the Syrian delegation which will go to Geneva will carry instructions and directives from President Bashar Assad, and that all agreements reached will be subject to his approval, as he represents Syria's sovereignty and unity.


Mekdad said that there are operations rooms in Jordan in which experts and military personnel from the Israel’s Mossad, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the U.S. and some European countries cooperate with leaders of armed groups. He added that Mossad signed an agreement with some terrorist groups in Syria in which these groups pledged to protect Israel's borders.


He also said that talks were held with Jordanian officials on the need for Jordan to commit to both countries' security, as Jordan can't be safe as long as it allows the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda and other extremists to operate in it. He said the same applies to Saudi Arabia.


Mekdad asserted that Saudi Arabia is the largest supporter of extremist terrorists in Syria and is directly responsible for the shedding of Syrian blood and motivated by unreasonable hatred. He noted that the recently-unveiled Israeli-Saudi alliance is a natural extension of the harmful Saudi role in the region.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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