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Relations Between Syrian Democratic Forces and Government Improving

A delegation from the Kurdish Autonomous Administration visited Damascus, according to al-Watan.
Relations Between Syrian Democratic Forces and Government Improving

On Saturday, Omar Ossi, head of the National Initiative for Syrian Kurds, revealed that “the atmosphere” between the Syrian government and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is becoming “much better.” This development follows several meetings between the two parties — most recently, in Damascus a few days ago — calling on both to expand their military collaborations to include political aspects, which would normalize the situation to reach a final agreement on the national level in Syria. This step would end the Turkish regime’s pretexts of launching new aggression against northern Syria.

In a statement to Al-Watan, the former member of the People’s Assembly said: “Turkish aggressive threats towards Syria, including the possibility of incursions into SDF-controlled areas, still very much exist — as emphasized by Turkish officials, primarily regime head (Recep Tayyip) Erdogan. This threat continues despite the recent trilateral summit held in Tehran as part of the Astana Process and Russia and Iran’s opposition to Turkey carrying out any new military operation on Syrian territory.”

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Ossi expressed his belief that the Turkish regime obtained an understanding with NATO, during its latest summit in Madrid, after agreeing to join the alliance alongside Sweden and Finland. “Of course, this decision requires parliamentary approval from the NATO countries — as well as the Turkish parliament — but I think the United States of America is complicit with Turkey,” Ossi said.

Ossi added that any Turkish military attack on the area where deployments face Turkish regime forces — specifically in Ain al-Arab, Manbij, and Ain Issa — will face a violent response and resistance.

Ossi expressed his belief that the recent understandings between the Syrian army and SDF, as well as more than one meeting held at Qamishli airport, had led to these military conclusions. He called on all parties to expand these understandings to include political agreements on some points of difference that remain unresolved between the two parties.

“A few days ago, there was also a delegation from the Kurdish Autonomous Administration in Damascus. I hope these understandings will expand to facilitate the return of state institutions to the region, within the framework of a national agenda agreed upon by both parties. In this way, we will have defused the crisis and the Turkish regime’s pretexts,” Ossi said. “The atmosphere between the two parties is now much better.”


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