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“Recent General Amnesty Aimed Towards Reconciliation & Tolerance”, Mekdad in Letter to Diplomats

Mekdad has called on Arab and International Foreign ministers to deal with the Syrian government in a responsible, serious and neutral manner, according to SANA.
“Recent General Amnesty Aimed Towards Reconciliation & Tolerance”, Mekdad in Letter to Diplomats

Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Faisal Mekdad, addressed a message to his counterparts in the Arab countries and states of the world, and to the Secretary-General of the UN and the President of the Security Council, regarding Legislative Decree No. 7 granting a general amnesty for crimes of terrorism committed by the Syrians.

Mekdad, in his message, updated his counterparts on the important developments in Syria, which come within the framework of the measures taken by the Syrian state for years to achieve national reconciliations and the return of the displaced and refugees to their homes.

Mekdad added that the amnesty decree No. 7 is different from previous amnesty decrees and is exceptional in its legal, social, and political nature. It is a fundamental turning point of persistent official efforts, which reflects its will to consolidate the concepts of reconciliation and tolerance in a sustainable way, Mekdad added.

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He stressed that the competent judicial and legal authorities in Syria implemented immediately the provisions of the decree, cancelling all warrants for prosecution, search, arrest, summons in absentia, judgment notes and judgments in absentia issued against any Syrian citizen inside and abroad without any need to review any judicial or security or legal body.

Mekdad explained to his counterparts that the amnesty was directed to Syrian citizens exclusively and excluded foreign terrorists, based on the Syrian state’s commitment to maintaining regional and international peace and security and its keenness not to give these foreign terrorists the chance to reach other countries.

Thousands of Syrians also engaged in the processes of settlement and national reconciliations in the Syrian governorates and returned to their normal lives after cancelling all judicial or punitive measures that had been issued against them.

Minister Mekdad said in the message that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates had asked all Syrian diplomatic and consular missions to receive all Syrian expatriate citizens wishing to benefit from all general amnesty decrees, including the recent one.

Mekdad shed light on the artificial obstacles that still hamper Syria’s efforts to attain economic and social stability, foremost of which is the illegitimate foreign military presence of the Turkish and U.S. forces and the so-called international coalition troops, and the dominance of the separatist militias affiliated with the U.S. over oil and gas fields and essential agricultural lands that constitute the basic food storage for the Syrian people.

He called on the UN and the international community to consider what has been achieved in Syria in a deep and balanced way and cooperate with the Syrian state and support its efforts in developing a positive, constructive and productive political approach.

He concluded his message by stressing that the moment has become decisive to deal with the Syrian government in a responsible, serious and neutral manner, and distance away from any politicized considerations that do not take into account the Syrian national interest and prospects for achieving security, stability and well-being for the Syrian people and efforts to combat terrorism.


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