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Rebels Bomb Aleppo’s Air Force Intelligence Building

Video shows the bombing of the remaining sections of the Air Force Intelligence building by rebel forces
Rebels Bomb Aleppo’s Air Force Intelligence Building

Rebels of Al Shamiya Front have blown up the remains of Aleppo’s Air Force Intelligence building with two tunnel bombs, according to footage posted on YouTube on Monday.

The city of Aleppo is considered a major frontline in the Syrian war, where rebel groups in and around the city have repelled repeated attempts by pro-regime forces to cut supply lines from nearby Turkey.

Rebel-held areas of Aleppo have faced regular air strikes by the Syrian military. A UN commission of enquiry on Syria recorded the intense use of barrel bombs – improvised bombs dropped by helicopter – by government forces in the city.

Meanwhile, Syrian Civil Defense officials in Aleppo called on citizens to stay in their shelters and basements to avoid the regime's aerial bombardment as the death toll of Saturday’s air strikes rose to 60 people.

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