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PM:Secure Residence Offered to Displaced

Displaced urged to return home from camps and abroad
PM:Secure Residence Offered to Displaced


Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi has announced that the government is working to implement a quick, efficient and dynamic plan to secure residential places for displaced people who are inside the country or abroad.


In his review on the government’s performance before a People’s Assembly session on Sunday, the Premier said the implementation of such a plan would be conducive to calling upon the displaced Syrians staying in camps in neighboring countries to quickly return home, where they would be offered legal and security guarantees and decent living requirements.


The speaker of the People’s Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Laham underscored the need to put every possible effort into upgrading the government’s work to match the level of the sacrifices of the Syrian people.


The premier said the recurrence of the sabotage and assault by the armed terrorist groups and their spread to various areas across the country has pushed the government to actively work within a tactical emergency approach, in conformity with each incident. The approach, he added, is part of the strategic management adopted by the government to secure the country.


A main factor to bolster up this steadfastness is to provide the basic requirements of the citizens’ livelihood, particularly food and medical stuff and oil derivatives, he said.


To that effect, the premier said, the government is working on activating the production process in the country towards further development of the local industry and securing requirements of agricultural production to achieve food security.


Halqi announced that a new Airbus plane will be put into service within five days to support the fleet of the Syrian Arab Airlines, adding that the government will start to reconstruct the railways network in cooperation with the Russian Railways company.


He noted that the government is also considering a possibility to grant financial support to the families of unmarried martyrs which they can invest in opening productive projects to earn a living.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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