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Opposition Forces Kill 40 Hezbollah Fighters in Zabadani

Rebel forces seize checkpoints, vehicles, weapons and ammunition after clashes killing dozens of Hezbollah fighters
Opposition Forces Kill 40 Hezbollah Fighters in Zabadani

Member of the Syrian Mubasher Network, Jawhar, confirmed Syrian opposition forces killed 40 Hezbollah fighters in the town of Zabadani in the Damascus countryside, where the armed opposition managed to seize military checkpoints, military vehicles, weapons, ammunition, and a Kornet missiles launcher.

Jawhar claimed the opposition forces seized Qalat at-Tal and al-Mudi checkpoints in outskirts of Zabadani, after violent clashes with regime forces and Hezbollah militia, while the Coordination Committee of Zabadani said the two checkpoints are heavily armed with the city bombarded almost daily.

Jawhar said opposition forces captured two tanks, a BMB vehicle and anti-armor Konkurs missiles.

"Large numbers of Hezbollah militia are stationed in Zabadani area, as these pro-regime forces are attempting to fully control the Lebanese-Syrian border in order to secure roads to deliver arms into Syria", Jawhar added.

Regime forces retaliated by bombing civilian areas with artillery shells and surface-to-surface missiles from the checkpoints surrounding the city of Zabadani, while skirmishes between the Free Syrian Army and regime forces continued in the Jobar district, near Damascus, in addition to clashes in Souk al-Khayatin in the Tishreen district.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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