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Opinion: Its End Has Come, But Where Will ISIS Go?

Al-Araby's political analyst Salama Kila paints ISIS as an imperialist tool used as by the powerful as a pretext for invasion and conquest
Opinion: Its End Has Come, But Where Will ISIS Go?

It has become clear that the role of the Islamic State group (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria has ended. The mission happened, and the private army of ISIS conducted a joint training with American and Iraqi forces, as well as the Syrian Democratic Forces. Then the members of this private army withdrew, after causing destruction and looting heritage and culture, leaving those followers who became tangled under an illusion of Islam to meet their fate.

But has “ISIS” ended? Certainly not. It existed not to end, but to serve the strategies of its funding countries, especially America its “sole proprietor” (despite the penetration of many other countries). There is no doubt that America is the one who controls ISIS. Therefore, in order to know its fate, we must know America’s strategy precisely, because it is a tool of the imperialist financial clique for intervention and destruction, as it is the primary justification for military intervention and imposing policies. It has been exploited in Iraq in order to restore control over the regime, and it is clear that it has been able to do that. In Syria, it was used as a bargaining chip with Russia and a way to deal with Moscow. It seems that matters are headed toward a “happy ending.” But has the need for it ended? Certainly not. Therefore, we must understand America’s priorities in order to understand where ISIS will go.

The reason for saying that is that this type of group is not a product of the environment, despite the involvement of individuals from Iraq and Syria, but is a compilation of sundry religious maniacs controlled to build a superstructure manufactured as a security company. This company is subject to the policies of the financial clique and monopolist corporations. Therefore, when its task has ended in one region, it will move to another, with those maniacs as a sacrifice, or a fatwa invented to push them to move to a new area, as happened when the transfer occurred from Afghanistan to Iraq and then to Syria.

This means that ISIS, and its mother Al-Qaeda, and all its branches, are tools to justify intervention, invented in the manner of security companies and dressed in fundamentalist cover, the most backwards view of Islam. For that reason, it is working primarily in the service of the policies of this clique and these corporations. While this clique controls it, other countries have penetrated it, and some of its parties have volunteered to serve, although this was achieved with the knowledge and satisfaction of its creators. Therefore the priorities of America must be understood in order for us to understand the fate of any of them.

It can be said that America has direct interests in the two regions, Africa and North Africa, in particular (the Arab Maghreb), whereby it wants to obtain a base to expand in the continent which was under French influence, and has become a large area of activity for China, especially in the countries which claimed to be Marxist. No doubt France is trying to re-entrench its presence through support for dictators in the center and west of the continent. Therefore America has no choice but to justify its military presence. As such it established AFRICOM years ago, and was searching for a location to base it, but has not achieved this yet, despite inclinations toward Tunis. Therefore, if the Al-Qaeda group was present in this area, and ISIS was in Libya, ISIS’ mission in Syria and Iraq may have ended in order to focus its presence on this area in order to expand the American military role there.

From another perspective, China is the potential risk for the financial clique and for America. Therefore, these groups could have a large task in the countries around China. Ayman al-Zawahiri announced the opening of a branch in the area and the ISIS organization is now present in the Philippines. Its fighters could be moved there to bolster American military intervention, and could reach “Islamic” Central Asia ahead of a skirmish with Russia.

The “Islamic character” of these groups means that they have a mission in the Islamic world, from Morocco to Indonesia and Malaysia to Central Asia. After focusing American presence in Iraq and bargaining with Russia, we will see how the “battle” will move to these areas.

So, to know where ISIS will go, we need to look into the politics of the financial cliques.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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