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Nusra Captures Weapons From Hazm Warehouses

Photos posted by activists purportedly show weapons captured by the Front after Hazm Movement withdraws
Nusra Captures Weapons From Hazm Warehouses

Activists published photographs on social media of weapons claimed to be captured by the Nusra Front after taking control of regiment 46 in the city of al-Atareb following the withdrawal of the Hazm Movement.

The pictures show ammunition boxes, mortars, a Shilka machine gun and American-made TOW missiles.

In addition to regiment 46, the Nusra Front seized al-Mashtal, south of Kafr Nouran village, along with the Movement’s headquarters in Rif al-Muhandiseen.

The Front announced the end of the military operation in the regiment, but confirmed it would continue to pursue Hazm leaders until they receive “the penalty they deserve".

The Local Coordination Committees in al-Atareb confirmed 10 people were killed, six of them from al-Atareb city, during the battle.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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