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New Syrian Negotiating Committee Chairman: Iran and Hezbollah Occupy Syria; They Are Aggressors

Accused of being close to Moscow, Jamous denied that there were objections to his election by opposition factions, according to Nidaa al-Watan.
New Syrian Negotiating Committee Chairman: Iran and Hezbollah Occupy Syria; They Are Aggressors

In the midst of the explosive international crises, the election of Dr. Badr Jamous as head of the Syrian Negotiating Commission occured. This body is a metaphor for a gathering of opposition forces, which raises more than one question about the decline of the role of the Syrian opposition and its absence from the scene, and how it deals with the next stage in light of the negotiation of the new Syrian constitution, in addition to the way it deals with the issues at hand, especially the issue of Syrian displacement.

In this context, Nidaa al-Watan interviewed Dr. Badr Jamous in Istanbul, where he stressed the work to unify the opposition and restore the Arab role in Syria. He described the regime as a liar which does not want political solutions. He called on the active countries to force the regime to proceed with the drafting of the constitution, considering that Iran and Hezbollah occupy Syria and are aggressors, and supported the safe return of displaced people from Lebanon and neighbouring countries. 

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Jamous denied that there were any objections to his election from the armed factions inside Syria, “On the contrary, there is a good relationship and permanent coordination with the factions at home. The electoral process took place according to the internal rules of the commission and in an official meeting. ” 

Regarding Jamous’ accusations that he is in line with the regime and he is close to the Russians, he replied: “Every time we affirm that this regime is criminal, murderous and displaced its people and cannot change and can only be reformed by imposing solutions on it per Security Council resolution 2254. Our position on the regime of Bashar al-Assad is clear and determined by Security Council resolutions, especially resolution 2254, and there can be no personal dimension in the negotiating committee either from me or from any other president. The negotiating committee consists of a variety of components from all opposition forces, their decisions are made based on their rules of procedure and are not taken by the head of the committee alone therefore, there is no bargaining with the regime. Any negotiation is within the framework of Security Council resolutions. 

“As for the proximity to Russia, it is an influential country in the Syrian issue and a sponsor of the Astana process and the Constitutional Committee, and we define our relationship with it from this angle only. We have issued a strongly worded statement towards the Russian bombing of Jisr al-Shughour and held Russia responsible for the crime, killing, and displacement of the Syrian people.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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