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Nearly 19,000 Women Killed by Regime Since Start of Syrian Revolution: Monitor

New report by Syrian monitoring group details the loss of female life since the outbreak of the Syrian uprising in 2011
Nearly 19,000 Women Killed by Regime Since Start of Syrian Revolution: Monitor

More than 20,000 Syrian women have been killed since the start of the popular uprising, of which around 19,000 were killed by the regime, the Syrian Network for Human Rights monitoring group revealed in a report released on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, November 25.

In a report titled "Syrian women at the center of the hurricane," the network covered various types of violations committed by the regime forces, Russian forces, Kurdish forces, extremist groups, factions of the armed opposition and the international coalition.

The report documented "the killing of 18,917 women of all ages at the hands of the regime, including 13,069 adults and 5,848 children, while Russian forces killed 72 women, and the Kurdish PYD (Democratic Union Party) killed 42 women."

“Violations committed against women by the regime include killings through indiscriminate shelling, slaughter by knives and sectarian massacres committed by the shabeeha (pro-regime militias), in addition to arbitrary detention, enforced disappearances and torture."

The report also highlighted "the physical violence against women by regime forces or their militias inside prisons and detention centers, as well as forced marriages by the leaders of the militias and officers of the regime."

Meanwhile, "the Islamic State killed 233 women, while the Nusra Front killed 67 women, armed opposition groups killed 711 women and the international coalition killed 70 women."

The report also documented "the arrest of at least 7,029 women by regime forces, of whom 6,711 were adults and 318 children. There are also 1,115 cases of detainees that have disappeared while 38 died under torture."

"Kurdish PYD forces detained 69 women in order to force them into conscription, while 639 women were arrested by ISIS, of whom 13 died under torture; armed opposition factions arrested 877 women," the report added.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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