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NCC: Invaders Attacking Civilians in Kassab

NCC says Turkish intervention only complicates the situation
NCC: Invaders Attacking Civilians in Kassab

The National Coordination Commission (NCC) has described the rebels engaged in the battles in Kassab in the countryside of Latakia as "invaders".


The NCC said in a statement that the clear and declared intervention by Turkey in Syrian affairs will only complicate the situation and lead to the shedding of more Syrian blood, destruction of infrastructure and living resources.


The NCC condemned the intervention of Turkey and many other countries in the internal affairs of Syria, and called for an investigation into the circumstances of the Syrian plane that was shot down.


Syrians need help to stop the violence and not to increase it, the statement added.


The Commission called upon Turkey and other countries involved in Syrian internal conflicts to help Syrians stop the violence instead of fueling conflict between the Syrians.


The head of the media office in the NCC, Munther Khaddam, attacked all those who celebrated the entrance of armed factions through the border areas in Kassab. Khaddam addressed those who fired rockets at the city of Latakia saying: "You don’t belong to Syrian people, the city you are attacking hosts more than one million Syrian citizens".


The NCC demanded an end to military support to both parties of the conflict, and called the Security Council to issue a resolution to expel all the foreign fighters from the Syrian territory.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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