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Nasrallah’s Speech and the Latest Southern Beirut Explosion

The Lebanese people must realize their fate has become dependent on Iranian expansionist schemes in the region, Coalition says
Nasrallah’s Speech and the Latest Southern Beirut Explosion

The Syrian National Coalition condemns the terrorist explosion that took place on Thursday in the Lebanese capital’s southern suburbs and objects to all acts that target civilians.


The Coalition also denounces the threats made by Hassan Nasrallah against the Syrian people, as well as the justifications he provided to Hezbollah’s militias regarding their fight alongside Bashar Assad's forces.


The Coalition has repeatedly warned the head of Hezbollah's militias against involvement in killing of the Syrian people alongside the Assad regime. However he has adamantly refused to listen to the voice of reason, instead leading the whole region into a state of chaos and destruction.


The latest explosion could plunge Lebanon into a vortex of violence that only serves the interests of Israel.


The Coalition holds the Lebanese government responsible for the Syrian blood shed at the hands of Hezbollah’s militias. The Lebanese people must realize their fate has become dependent on Iranian expansionist schemes in the region.


Hezbollah’s militias have participated in committing crimes against the Syrian people. They have entered the countryside of Homs and later were present along Assad’s forces in all areas across Syria. They have taken part in shelling the Syrian people with rockets, ballistic missiles, and cluster bombs.


Hezbollah’s militias, driven by sheer sectarian hatred, took part in massacres against the Syrian people in Qusayr, ancient neighborhoods of Homs, Khalid Bin Walid Mosque, Qaboun, Douma, Harasta, villages alongside the Syrian coast, and many other places. They targeted the wounded in Qusair and in the countryside of Homs, shelling shelters where more than 1,500 people lay injured. They even targeted civilians fleeing the town, killing and injuring hundreds.


Hezbollah leaders must recognize that the Syrian people will never forget those who massacred them. Nasrallah’s rhetoric will never cover up the shame he has brought on a large number of Lebanese people. His threats to send more fighters into Syria will further embroil Lebanon in Assad’s war against his own people. Hezbollah’s leaders are mistaken if they think that a small fanatical faction like Hezbollah will be able to impact Syria’s future.


The Coalition renews its commitment, as well as the Free Syrian Army's, to international humanitarian and human rights laws. The international community and Friends of Syria should assume their responsibilities in light of a rapidly deteriorating situation internally and regionally. They should take all possible measures that would cut off the support Assad is receiving, put an end to daily massacres against the Syrian people, to stop the deteriorating security situation, and support the Syrian revolution that will achieve the Syrian people’s aspirations of justice, freedom, and dignity.


We ask for Mercy for our martyrs, health for our wounded, and freedom for our detainees.


Long live Syria and its people, free and with honor.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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