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Muslim Brotherhood Fall Proves Failure of Political Islam

The Muslim Brotherhood has proved incapable of running a state
Muslim Brotherhood Fall Proves Failure of Political Islam

Egypt is witnessing "an historic shift" that reflects the deep awareness of our people in Egypt, their commitment to Arabism, and rejection of foreign interference, an official source has told SANA.


In a statement on Thursday, the source said the Egyptian people have once again confirmed  Egypt's leading role in the region, through their deep sense of  Arabism, their ability to defend their interests, civilization and humanitarian history.


The source stressed that the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has proved the inability of Political Islam to manage the affairs of the state, protect the cultural and civilized diversity and build an expressive nation state.


The source said the Syrian leadership, people, and army express deep appreciation for the national popular movement in Egypt in their great achievement, emphasizing that what is taking place is a "radical shift" reflecting a firm will to preserve democracy, diversity, political work and pluralism, and rejecting the "Islamisization" of the state project and institutions, not only in Egypt across the regional and international arenas.


Egypt has always been an example to follow throughout its great history, as we believe that it is important that other nations should follow this transformation to foil these futile attempts which are sins against Islam, the nation, history and mankind," the sources said.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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