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Moscow: Brussels Conference is But Worthless Western Gathering

Russia and Syria were not invited to the conference, according to al-Watan.
Moscow: Brussels Conference is But Worthless Western Gathering
Moscow: Brussels Conference is But Worthless Western Gathering

Russia considered that the so-called Support for the Future of Syria and the Region conference in Brussels organized by the European Union, without the participation of the Syrian and Russian governments, was worthless. 

The Russian Foreign Ministry noted in a statement, on Saturday, that the Brussels conference was held without the participation of representatives from Syria and Russia, and after losing the international sponsorship completely, it turned into a Western gathering that has no added value.
There is no real effort to solve the urgent humanitarian problems in Syria far from any politicization and within the framework of internationally recognized guiding principles for humanitarian support.

This time, Brussels decided not to invite Russian officials who participated in donor conferences on Syria, prompting UN officials to abandon the status of co-chair of the conference and only attend at the level of experts, the statement said. 

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The Russian Foreign Ministry said the Brussels conferences are slipping further into the reckless politicization of humanitarian issues. Western organizers taking responsibility for doing their utmost to prevent the repatriation of Syrian refugees, regardless of the unfortunate deterioration of social, economic, and living conditions in the host countries. 

It also pointed out that Western donors boast about their donations without being embarrassed by the fact that Washington and Brussels are the ones who suffocate Syrians with illegal unilateral sanctions. The United States occupies the Syrian lands of al-Jazira and al-Tanf within the so-called “international coalition” against the terrorist organization ISIS; it plunders Syria’s natural resources and contributes to polluting the environment. The Americans and Europeans are hindering the implementation of projects for the early phase of Syria’s reconstruction by putting forward political preconditions including extending the mechanism for the transfer of humanitarian aid across the borders, which undermines Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.


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