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Military Security Arrests Three Palestinians for Organizing Solidarity Protest with Gaza

The Palestine Branch accused these Palestinian activists of staging a demonstration in support of Gaza without obtaining prior security authorization, according to Syria TV.

On Monday, the Palestine Branch of the Military Security Division detained three Palestinian activists in the town of Yalda, located south of Damascus. This action was taken in connection with their participation in organizing a solidarity event in support of the Gaza Strip.

According to the Sowt al-Asima website, the patrol apprehended Hajj Mahmoud, a humanitarian activist, and two individuals associated with Palestinian committees on Beirut Street in Yalda, situated in the Damascus countryside.

Security Forces in Syria Prevent Flights from Iran to Lattakia

These arrests occurred following the organization of a solidarity gathering for the Gaza Strip in Yalda, in which approximately 100 Palestinian youths from the Yarmouk, Jaramana, and Husseiniya camps took part. During the event, the organizers prominently displayed Palestinian flags, and images from the Gaza Strip, and expressed their condemnation of the Israeli bombardment in Gaza. It should be noted that their intent was not to protest against the Syrian regime.

The Palestine Branch accused these Palestinian activists of staging a demonstration without obtaining prior security authorization, leading to the dispersal of the demonstrators on the same grounds.

A patrol from the Palestine Branch was positioned at the outset of al-Orouba Street near the location of the solidarity event, with the objective of preventing any additional sit-ins or calls for the release of the detained activists.  

Regime Requires Palestinians to Obtain Security Approvals 

Earlier this month, the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria revealed that the Syrian regime has mandated Palestinian parties and factions to seek “security approvals” for organizing events and demonstrations in solidarity with the Gaza Strip. This requirement is justified on the grounds of “protecting against terrorism and armed groups, and ensuring security and safety.”

The group reported that representatives from Palestinian factions and residents in Palestinian camps, including activists in the Khan Danoun camp in the western countryside of Damascus, have expressed their concerns about the hindrances imposed by Syrian security services. It has become nearly impossible to arrange any protests or vigils without undergoing a stringent security assessment, a process that may extend over weeks and could result in rejection.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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