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Meslet: Russia Seeks to Involve Syrians in Unjust War Against Ukraine

Salem al-Meslet said Russia is trying to involve the Syrians in its crimes in Ukraine, according to the SOC Media Department.
Al-Meslet Russia Seeking to Involve Syrians in its Unjust War against Ukraine
Meslet: Russia Seeks to Involve Syrians in Unjust War Against Ukraine

President of the Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC), Salem al-Meslet, stressed that the recruitment by Russia of Syrians from regime-held areas to fight in its unjust war in Ukraine is a crime that is added to the endless litany of crimes against the Syrian people.

Meslet called on the United Nations to take urgent measures to stop this crime and hold those responsible to account. He expressed the support of the Syrian people to the friendly Ukrainian people who have become a new victim of the Russian aggression, as has been the case in Syria since 2015.

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Meslet pointed out that Russia is not only killing Syrians in their homeland in partnership with the Assad regime but also intends to kill more of them by involving them in its unjust war against the Ukrainian people. He stressed the need for the international community to assume a tough stance against the aggressive policies of the Russian regime in Syria and Ukraine.


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