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Mekdad and Ardzinba Discuss Strengthening Syria-Abkhazia Cooperation in Various Fields

Mekdad, welcoming the Abkhaz delegation, emphasized the importance of intensifying efforts to elevate bilateral relations, according to Tishreen.

In a recent meeting, Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Minister Faisal al-Mekdad and his Abkhazian counterpart, Inal Ardzinba, along with a delegation, explored ways to enhance cooperation and coordination between their nations across various sectors.

Ardzinba condemned the repeated Israeli incursions into Syrian territory, labelling them as unacceptable and a blatant violation of international law. He expressed Abkhazia’s solidarity with Syria in its fight against terrorism and the economic challenges stemming from unilateral sanctions imposed by Western nations.

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Additionally, Ardzinba denounced the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the Israeli actions against Palestinians, urging an immediate halt to these acts.

Mekdad, welcoming the Abkhaz delegation, emphasized the importance of intensifying efforts to elevate bilateral relations for the mutual benefit of both countries and their peoples.

Addressing regional issues, Mekdad highlighted the detrimental impact of Israel’s persistent assaults on Syrian sovereignty and the ongoing suffering of Syrians due to the American and Turkish occupation of Syrian territories.

He condemned the atrocities committed by what he termed the “racist Zionist entity” against Palestinians, calling for a strengthened global response to these unprecedented brutalities. Mekdad also criticized the United States’ veto of a Security Council resolution aimed at stopping the violence against Palestinians by Israel.

The ministers reiterated their support for Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, viewing it as a move to eradicate neo-Nazism and counter Western interference in other nations for self-interest.

Post-meeting, Mekdad addressed the media, focusing on the situation in Ukraine and the West’s continued arms supplies, complicating the crisis resolution. Ardzinba also supported Syria’s positions, pointing out that the situations in Gaza and Ukraine stem from Western attempts to dominate international policies and potentially ignite conflict in the Caucasus region.


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