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Marah al-Biqai Chairwoman of Damascus Declaration in U.S.

The appointment comes in preparation for a general meeting of the Damascus Declaration for the diaspora
Marah al-Biqai Chairwoman of Damascus Declaration in U.S.

The General Commission of Damascus Declaration  in the U.S. has elected the academic and journalist Marah Biqai as its Chairperson in the United States.


Biqai, in a telephone interview, revealed that the re-election of the General Committee in Chicago comes as a prelude for holding the general meeting of Damascus Declaration in for the Diaspora, which will be held in Istanbul next month.


General elections for most of its institutions will be held, as well as determining the position of the declaration towards current political developments.


Regarding the position of the Damascus Declaration towards the political movement, Biqai said: “The Damascus Declaration carried the spring of change to the heart of Syria in 2005, and it still has a strong presence because of its credibility at home and abroad.”


“The Damascus Declaration is not far from the political movement, it follows up and observes and is ready to intervene at the right time,”she said.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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