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Louay Hussein: West Seeks Unified Opposition, Moscow Does Not

Hussein said his group rejected a proposal to join the Syrian National Coalition delegation
Louay Hussein: West Seeks Unified Opposition, Moscow Does Not

The chairman of the Syrian State Building Current, Louay Hussein, has revealed that his movement rejected a proposal from the official sponsor of international parties of Geneva II to participate within the Syrian National Coalition delegation.


Responding to a question by Al-Watan on whether the movement had received an invitation to participate in the conference, Huseein said: "As far as I know,we have not been invited by any of the parties, neither the international nor domestic".


"We were asked officially by the international sponsors whether we would agree to participate as part of the delegation of the Syrian National Coalition, but because the condition was that the number of Coalition delegates should be no more than four, we refused," he said.


Secretary General of the Arab League, Nabil ElArabi, announced last week during a joint press conference with U.N. special envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi in Cairo, that preparations for  Geneva II will be held at a meeting on 23 November.


Hussein said, however, that he believed press reports thatthe participation of the Syrian opposition will be limited to the Coalition and the National Coordination Commission for the Forces of Democratic Change are "inaccurate", pointing out that "there is no agreement yet between Russia and the U.S. on the form of the opposition delegation that would face the regime.


While the U.S. and other Western countries still "support the idea of one delegation representing the opposition against the delegation of the regime in the conference," Hussein said Russia "wants to vary this delegation with the largest number of delegates."


Hussein said his Current proposed to the international parties and the U.N. that there should be three Syrian delegations at the conference.


"The first delegation is from the regime and those who want to join its delegation, the second is the opposition, including the Coalition and those who want to be part of it, and the third delegation combines forces and political figures who do not accept the arming parties.


Of this group, he said, "We want this delegation to be expressive and representative of the interests of Syria and its people. We believe the regime and the Coalition are pursuing their own interests."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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