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Life Gradually Returns to al-Baghouz

The battered town of al-Baghouz has launched a number of projects to return services, clear rubble and remove the dead from the streets reports Deir ez-Zor 24.
Life Gradually Returns to al-Baghouz

A few days ago, in the presence of some elders and intellectuals of the town, the Civil Council of al-Baghouz town announced the launch of a comprehensive service project, according to Deir ez-Zor 24’s network correspondent. 

According to local sources, the project aims to remove the rubble, maintain the roads and rehabilitate the infrastructure in al-Baghouz. The project duration is three months, and renewable, according to an official from the civil council. There will be also a medical body to remove the decomposing bodies from streets, public buildings and homes.

Additionally, water tanks will be provided to supply free water to homes, limited to 10 barrels per house.

The project will cover all the neighbourhoods of al-Baghouz town, including the al-Baghouz Tahtani area.

It is worth mentioning that al-Baghouz town suffered large-scale destruction, as a result of the battles that took place between the International Coalition and the Syrian Democratic Forces on the one  hand and the Islamic State on the other, where fighting lasted for several months, causing widespread destruction and deaths, and forced the people of al-Baghouz to flee their town.


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